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The number of children treated with severe burns from cooking hobs and ovens has never been greater than today. More than 700 patiens are admitted to Norwegian hospitals every year, requireing treatment for more than one day.

«Children who are treated with such serious scalding injuries are on average 14 days in hospitals. It is usually a traumatic experience for both the child and the parents. Many mothers and fathers are struggling with tremendous guilt», says nurse Evy Kyseth to the website of Ullevaal University Hospital in Norway.

Burns from cooking hobs

Recent studies show that injuries from warm food and drinks from the oven or hobs are the most common scalding injury type (33%). In 47% of the cases, children are burned on their hands.

«It does not take a lot of heat to severely injure the hand of a children. Children can get burns even with a temperature of 45-50 degrees. The smaller children have not as quick reaction as adults, so they do not pull their hand away as quickly», says Chistina Brunvik in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.

One and two-year olds are overrepresented in the statistics, as children at this age are known to be eager explorers.

How to protect children from burns

To prevent children from injuries from burns, it is important not to underestimate their mobility and curiosity. To be totally safe, you need to keep all types of warm sourses out of reach from children, who are not aware of the potential dangers at home.

Safe Kids cooker guards offers a protective barrier between your childs’s fingers and heat sources like hot saucepans and open flames. The Safe Kids cooker guard prevents pots and pans from tipping over your children.

The Safe Kids cooker guards are both easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. It comes in white and silver gray colors, like most of today’s kitchen appliances.

Safe Kids is an easy, simple and affordable investment to protect your children.


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