Safe Kids cooker Guard

Safe Kids Cooker Guard protects your children against hot pots and pans on the hob. The durable cooker guard prevents precious and curious fingers from reaching the warm sources, and it prevents hot pots and pans from tipping over your child. With Safe Kids Cooker Guard your children can stay safely in the kitchen!

Children are more sensitive for burns than grown_ups, and it takes under a second for a child’s hand to take serious injury when it comes in contact with warm surfaces. Statistics from Norwegian hospitals show that children are overrepresented in the statistics of serious burns.

Safe Kids Cooker Guard comes in two different colors, and fits the most common kitchen hob sizes.


KS – 5 white


Cooker guard with flap


KS – 5 chrome

Cooker guard with flap


KS – 15 white

Cooker guard 


KS – 15 chrome

Cooker guard

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